Why so many adults are straightening their teeth

Invisalign: The First Choice for Millions of Adults

The Great British public has long been the butt of jokes from our American cousins about the state of our teeth.

The UK’s crooked teeth, gaps and overbites are a common source of ridicule by the owners of perfect, Hollywood smiles over in the US of A.

But do we really not take care of our teeth? The reality is that Brits care a great deal about our oral health and as a nation, we are spending more on dentistry and craving the perfect smile more than ever before

The new facelift?

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in adults in the UK seeking orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth.

Orthodontics is edging out other forms of cosmetic enhancement to become the most sought-after corrective procedure in the country.

The Instagram Factor

The rise of social media influencers over the last decade is credited with ushering in a new era of cosmetic dentistry.

Especially during the pandemic, a desire to look as good over Zoom as popular Instagram and YouTube celebrities is spurring more and more adults to invest in cosmetic dentistry to fix their smiles and straighten their teeth.

Which method is the most popular?

There are several different methods, brands and styles of teeth straightening available in the UK today, with everything from traditional braces to retainers and Six Month Smiles to Invisalign clear aligners.

Since the advancement of technology to make orthodontic equipment less obtrusive, traditional metal braces are significantly less popular, especially amongst adults and retainers are generally used for aftercare or very small adjustments.

This leaves us with two major options:

  • Six Month Smiles are popular but the short timeframe of the treatment has led some dentists to question its efficacy.
  • Invisalign clear aligners are the most popular type of 21st-Century orthodontic treatment, with 9 million customers so far.

Why is Invisalign so popular?

Invisalign is the least obtrusive and most easily wearable of the current crop of orthodontic braces. It incorporates:

  • A comfortable fit made specifically for the mouth of the individual wearer
  • A completely clear aligner meaning it is unobtrusive and almost impossible to detect at first glance

In short, you can wear this brace with confidence and without becoming self-conscious. What’s more, Invisalign prices are the most competitive they’ve ever been. Learn more.

How much?

Unless you’re under the age of 18, it is very unlikely that orthodontic treatment will be covered for you on the NHS, though it is worth speaking to your dentist just in case.

In all other circumstances, you will need to pay for treatment, so finding out which method offers the best value for money becomes very important.

  • Metal braces are the cheapest and come in at around £1500
  • Six Month Smiles cost roughly £2000-£3000
  • Invisalign treatment ranges from £2000-£4500

This makes Invisalign the most costly treatment, but it is also the most comprehensive and least obtrusive. Six Month Smiles only usually fix the front teeth and do not address under or overbites.

For only a small amount extra, Invisalign treats the whole mouth in a way that is barely noticeable to passers by.

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