Dental Care Advisors

At Richmond House we firmly believe in giving our patients as much information as possible before embarking on a course of treatment. For that reason, we have a dedicated Dental Care Advisor called Sarah. You will initially be booked in with Tracie to discuss your dental care needs and concerns. Tracie is a highly trained dental nurse and has worked closely with our cosmetic and restorative dentists, enabling her to describe all the techniques available to you in easily understood terms.

Sarah will be able to outline your options for cosmetic treatments during a FREE initial consultation. Use this visit to view our extensive library of completed smile makeovers and actual before & after models. We have examples of almost all possible cosmetic procedures available in our photo library.

Tracie will be your personal contact all the way through your smile makeover and should you have any questions or concerns, you will be able to contact them directly for free advice. Discussions about financing your smile makeover are also carried out by Tracie.