All you need to know about the 10 most popular beauty treatments

Top beauty treatments and tips

These are answers to questions that I am regularly asked by clients before they choose a beauty treatment.

If you’ve never had a beauty treatment it can be difficult to know why the treatment would be good for you or what enjoyment you might get from it. We hope we can answer some of your questions and concerns, but if you need to know more, get in contact with us.


How will a facial be beneficial to my skin?
A facial will be beneficial because it opens pores of the skin, releases dirt, then closes pores. Also if your skin is sensitive the facials are a prescription brand so there is a facial for all skin types, leaving your skin flawless and amazing.

Nail extensions

Will nail extensions damage my natural nails?
If you remove the nail extensions and product correctly, preferably by the nail technician with acetone, filed and buffed in the correct way, the nails underneath may be soft with lack of air to the nail plate but no damage will be done.


How can I benefit from a massage?
There are 3 different massages that can be offered, Swedish is to release lactic acid (knots) and tension, aromatherapy is more therapeutic with the kinds of oils used and hot stones, the heat from the stones penetrates 10 times deeper into the muscle tissue creating the body to have a very relaxed and loose effect.

Teeth Whitening

Can at-home teeth whitening be dangerous?

Generally speaking, most over-the-counter teeth whitening products are safe to use as they have been through testing to make sure the amount of whitening product is safe for the mouth.

While this is true in most cases, some shop brought whitening products have been known to cause problems such as irritation, allergic reactions and even burning of gums etc.

If you are looking into teeth whitening, we would recommend going to get them whitened professionally, rather than using a ‘do it yourself’ products as trusted dentists or hygienists will be professionally trained and you are likely to get more for your money


If I have a pedicure will my hard skin (callus) go away?
Yes, it may take a few treatments but you will feel and see a difference straight away, also you should do this once a week at first to have the best result.

Body butter wrap

What is a body butter wrap and what does it do?
A body butter wrap is where we exfoliate all the dead skin cells laying on the surface of the skin then brushing them away to apply the body butter which is a deep moisture-locking cream, to leave the skin feeling as smooth as it’s ever been.

Exfoliation treatment

My moisturiser lies on the surface of my skin and will not soak in what should I do?
The exfoliation treatment is brilliant if you are going on holiday, having a spray tan or you are back from your holidays if you have moisturiser lying on the surface of your skin or not soaking in or scaling look.

This is brilliant because it takes the layer of dead skin off and lets the moisture do the work on the fresh layer and leaves the skin soft and supple letting the moisturiser soak in without a barrier making your skin softer for longer.

Lash Extensions

What effect do the eyelashes have?
With eyelash extensions, you can have them ranging from quite natural looking to very glamorous looking, which more eyelashes are added to create a thicker and longer look and you can even choose which lengths to have when they are either natural or glamorous.

More on eyelash extensions.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting

Will a tint to eyelashes and eyebrows make any difference?
Yes, it is a natural colour and you can have it as light or as dark as you like, the tint to eyelashes and eyebrows enhances the eyes and brings definition to the face.


Will having my make-up done make me feel like I have too much on?
You will have a consultation before your make-up session, so the therapist knows exactly how you like your make-up and if you don’t like too much on.

The make-up is for all kinds of outcomes, you can use it for special occasions, daytime make-up and parties or nights out, and so there is a wide range to what you can have done.