A London dentist is offering a cure for snorers

A London dentist is offering a cure for snorers and their long suffering partners with a simple, yet effective solution that can work in less than two weeks.

Teeth-Whitening.org.uk has joined forces with Dr Simon Ash, a consultant and specialist orthodontist, specialising in sleep related breathing disorders to offer patients an effective, medically proven remedy for the common cause of snoring.

Teeth-Whitening.org.uk has been recognised as an official Somnowell practitioner, allowing the practice to diagnose and treat mild to moderate cases of snoring and sleep apnoea with a simple, discrete, custom made mouth guard that gently holds the lower jaw and tongue in the ‘recovery position’ while you sleep, keeping the airway open.

The Somnowell appliance has been recognised around the world for treating problematic snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and is now available to sufferers across the region.

Teeth-Whitening.org.uk is one of the first dental practices in the region to be able to offer this tried and tested solution and is already delighted with the results it is achieving for its patients.

Practice owner Perter Toole said: “Snoring affects far more people than you would imagine and can quite literally have a devastating effect on people’s lives as it deprives them, and often their partners, of sleep and all the health benefits that a good night sleep can bring.

“People are typically embarrassed to seek help and often wouldn’t know where to turn. A recent study found that only 7% of those questioned recognised that their dentist could potentially help them, when the reality is that your dentist should be one of your first ports of call.

“Most mild to moderate cases of snoring and sleep apnoea can be controlled by slightly adjusting the position of the jaw at night to ensure that the airwave is kept open.

“The problem to date has been that most appliances designed to open the airwaves have been bulky and uncomfortable which in themselves can impact on sleep. The Somnowell has been designed very much with comfort in mind, making it an ideal solution.”

He added: “I have been delighted with the results we have managed to achieve for our patients. Within two weeks of their initial visit we are able to provide their custom made mouth guard which gets to work as soon as they start to wear it. After suffering for years from poor sleep and all its associated problems, they have found a ‘cure’ within a fortnight.”