As part of our recent snoring open evening we enlisted the support of The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association to pull together 10 interesting facts about snoring.

• There are 15 million snorers in the UK. 10.5 million men and 4.5 million women.

• Over one third of couples report disharmony within the relationship due to snoring.

• Snoring sounds range from 50dB to 100dB – the equivalent to a pneumatic drill.

• Snorers are 3 times more likely to suffer adverse health conditions than non-snorers.

• More than 50% of patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) have high blood pressure whereas only 25% of patients with high blood pressure have OSA.

• Regular snorers are 5 times more likely to develop hypertension, heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol than occasional snorers.

• Sleep quality rather than quantity is more of an issue. Poor sleep quality exacerbates poor health.

• Snoring can be hereditary – nearly 70% of snorers have a familial link.

• For children: blackout blinds can help kids stay asleep as there is a tendency in young children to be light sensitive and wake at dawn. See Create the Perfect Sleeping Environment for your Baby With Nursery Blackout Blinds

• Bed partners of snorers report they have just 3-5 hours’ sleep per night.

• Bed partners of snorers physical and mental health improves significantly once the snorer has been treated successfully.

As an approved Somnowell practitioner we can help hundreds of people whose lives are affected by snoring to get a good night’s sleep. Something as simple as a custom made mouth guard that slightly adjusts the position of the jaw to open up the airwaves whilst you sleep might be all you (or your partner) needs to have a peaceful sleep.

To find out more about our ‘miracle snoring solution’ or to request our patient friendly fact sheet, don’t hesitate to call us.